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29/02/2016 15:17

This event was attended by the members of the Jewish communities of the regional center of all ages and those townspeople who are close to the tragedy of the Holocaust. In August 1941 in occupied Mogilev on the right and left banks of the river Dubrovenka it was created Jewish
ghetto. All of its population was destroyed within two months. At the time of the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders in its territory there have been killed at least 10.5 thousand of the Jews.

день памяти4 день памяти3 день памяти2 день памятиNear the stone, established in memory of the Jews-Nazi victims in Mogilev, near the entrance to the ghetto, the participants of the event read a Memorial prayer, and according to the tradition laid the stones to the memorial sign. In the memory of the six million of the Jews murdered by the Nazis during the second world war, six candles were lit at the Memorial.