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23/07/2017 19:28

Many elderly single members of the community are limited in movement. Their lives pass in the enclosed space of a city apartment, in rare cases of a private home. Moreover, even those who move around the city are deprived of the opportunity to communicate with nature, plants, and flowers. Growing house flowers would decorate the interior of the living space, and fresh greens would diversify the diet of the elderly in the winter.

“Green Therapy” helps the elderly to pass their leisure with profit. Plants, their smells, visual images allow us to beautify everyday life and fill it with meaning. Volunteers learned the methods and skills of plant growing at home from the expert in ecobiology, university professor. Moreover, the volunteers took part in design master classes, during which souvenirs for the wards were created. These classes were also conducted for participants of the day center.

Together with the volunteers, the biologist visited 15 people at home. Our clients are immobile and single elderly people, as well as families with disabled people. All wards received materials for growing plants at home, as well as individual instructions for care. Young people also gave them gifts – flower pot accessories made with their own hands.